Wyze Pro Strip only 10% of strip responds to input

I just opened the Wyze Pro Strips I got for Xmas to install on my new computer desk, and when I plugged one of the strips into the power adapter, and turned them on, only a small 1.5-2ft section (the section closest to the connection point) of them flashed blue for pairing, with the rest of the strip staying bright white. After connecting, the bright white section failed to change colors or turn off like the first section. If I slightly manipulate the area by the connection plug, occasionally that will cause the rest of the strip to snap to the proper color or scene, and they will also turn off with the rest of the strip. This happens on both of the power adapter connections, and the other strip that came in the pack does not have this issue. This is a warranty type situation right? There’s no setting I’m missing and I’m correct in thinking that there’s a lose solder connection somewhere in the first foot of the strip?