My light strip flickers when I activate color focus effect

I’ve had a light strip pro for about a year now, and it worked fine. I always pit it on color focus and it has become my go to effect. A few months ago it started sorta flickering, every time it was on color focus the brightness went up and down which made a flickering effect (I am not on music mode). I cannot use my lights properly anymore because of this! Please help.

What firmware version is on the strip? Any damage to the strip at all? Where is it mounted? Checked the connections to make sure they are tight?

The forums are a great source of information and help, but the official avenue of assistance is to contact Wyze Support.

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I did check out the official support, got a replacement, and it has the exact same problem. I am almost a 100% sure its a software issue. It is mounted on the wall in my room and it isnt damaged at all.

Ok. What actual firmware version is on the strip? What actual app version are you using? Have you tried powering it in a different outlet? Closer to your wifi source?

The firmware version is, the app I am using is the wyze app for andriod, plugin version I have tried connecting it to multiple outlets even connecting it to the one right next to my router, but the issue continues.