Music Mode for light strip

Just installed my first Wyze light strip. I was experimenting with music mode and now cannot figure out how to turn that mode off? It must be right in front of my face in the app but I sure can’t seem to find it. If I select the design button, the light mode button goes off but remains on. There is a little musical note icon in the upper right over the light strip icon-upper left side of screen. How do I turn off music mode? Thanks.


In the bar where it shows Music, switch it to Design or Scenes. See below



I tried that previously and while the design button would highlight, music mode remained on and the note icon remained. I will try it again when I get the chance. Previously I had to unplug the strip from the controller to get music mode to turn off. I discovered after switching to Design mode, “return” icon appeared to the lower left of the color wheel. If I select that, the music mode does turn off. Wondering if this “extra step” is necessary or if I am still missing something obvious.

My pro doesn’t show music feature in app. Everything is updated.

On the light strip pro screen, click on effects , Music mode will be will be the second option .

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