Light strip pro without music

Wish it can run without the music. I love to watch the movements when I make the noise. It scares my cats. I am deaf and do not use any music.

Hi @ottie560 and welcome to the forum!

I have found that if you set the lights to music, and the sensitivity to high no music needed. My Wyze light strip pro pick up the sound of me typing on my keyboard, 4 ft away. They react to my footsteps, clapping, talking, snapping my fingers, pounding on my desk, pretty much any sound.

I imagine Sea Wave would be the most fun for your feline friend.

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Thank you for your suggestions.

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The music setting should react to the microphone of the device sensing it, so just whatever sounds are in the area at the time.

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I have to keep pound or tip on something or higher voice. We have no music device to use. Thank you