Christmas is coming! LightStrip Pro should allow patterns without music!

I mentioned this in another topic, but wanted to separate it out because it is important to me.

Not every one wants to use this just for lighting – and just because you want patterns doesn’t mean you want it with music. Can we PLEASE patterns like the ones under “Music” available without music or sound?

Maybe I didn’t pay enough attention, but I thought this was a feature of LightStrip pro already.


I’d like to second this. I actually pre-ordered the pro light strip with the specific purpose of holiday lighting. Needless to say I was shocked to see that feature missing. Definitely agree with request for patterns without music option.


I’m thirding this. And I too just assumed this was already a feature of the product. Lucky for me I have 2 dogs that don’t stop barking so there’s always noise to activate the lights through the music setting.


I am fourthing this…

You can do custom lighting if you hard press on the strip icon in the app. You can pick which segments are which colors. It didn’t photograph well and my kitchen is a mess, but I was able to do different colors.