Wyze App won't control light strip except on and off

Suddenly I am unable to control my light strip from the app except to turn it on or off. When I select it from the device list it the app goes to page with the color wheel-which I cannot control, and it appears there are other parts of the page that are “in the background” but darkened- like the brightness control. The screen page shows 1/3 but there are only two pages to access- the color wheel and the color temp-neither of them work. I’ve done a power reset, a factory reset, and deleted and added the light back a few times. It always adds back in, but the app doesn’t appear to be working for the strip light. I have the latest firmware and software. I can control the light (change to the preset colors) using the control switch on the light itself. I was getting ready to show my brother in law how it worked when I first noticed this behavior. I am using both an iPhone and an iPad and the behavior in the app is the same on both devices.

Tap the “Next” button in the lower right corner to get past the tutorial pages in order to see the real control page.


This is displayed whenever there is an update of sorts. It is more of informational screens. Simply click Next, at the bottom right, until you get to the control page.


Can’t believe it was that easy. I must not have used the app for controlling the strip light since the most recent update. Thank you!



Thank you!

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