Wyze App : Groups - "More" option is not expanding a device so cannot turn on/off

When I click on a device (say, a bulb), I get the “More” button, but it just closes the window, rather than giving me access to the device. I had to remove the device from from the Group to use it - is this a known issue, or am I being stupid?

I am on iOS 14 latest update as of today.

I’m having this same exact issue, ever since the most recent app update. I cannot turn individual bulbs on or off, or adjust their brightness / color temperature.

The same thing is happening to me with the Wyze app. I cannot control individual devices with the toggle buttons (plugs and bulbs specifically). I removed two bulbs to try to re-add them, but it will not let me add them back in as new devices.

I am having the same issue on beta app 2.14.31 (newest)
@WyzeTeam I haven’t seen this in the known issue page, do you know?
I did send in a log: 53015

Just for some added context, I launched the Wyze app on my wife’s iPhone (running iOS 13.5.1) and all of the toggles worked, clicking the “more” button for bulbs worked, and adding my bulbs back into my app worked as well. Everything worked as expected on her phone. My iPhone is running 14.1 and continues to have all of the same issues listed in my previous comments. This seems to be a problem with iOS 14 and should probably be investigated more by Wyze. I have opened a support case, but who knows where that will go…

The known issue page usually will not have things that are beta related in it.

Is everyone who is experiencing this on the beta app? Have you also submitted a log via the app so they are aware of the problem?

I’m not on the beta app. How do I submit a log?

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Your not on beta and having an issue? Interesting.
You can submit a log by going to “account” (in the Wyze app), then scroll down to “help and feedback”, than “submit a log”. You can then follow the instructions in the app and add the information where needed.
Please take note of the log number (number in blue) and post here!

I am not aware that I’m on the beta app either. My app shows V2.14.23

Latest iOS production app. 2.14.23 (October 21, 2020)

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Time for Class Action Law Suite :disappointed:

Fixed in the 2.15.11 Beta (if that helps).

I submitted a log. The Log ID is 53706.

It sure is!