Wyze plug not fully shutting off

I have a wyze plug that doesn’t fully turn off. It has low voltage leak. I haven’t had a chance to meter it. When I was running Christmas lights the lights would still slightly glow after Turing the plug off. Has anyone else had this problem.

I have not had this issue or seen reports of it elsewhere, I would recommend you open a support ticket for this issue


Interesting. I haven’t heard of that. Do you have another Wyze Plug, too? Can you determine whether the Christmas lights have the same behavior with the other one?

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do you by chance have other plugs that show this behavior too? or could try the same lights with a different plug but in the same outlet to fully determine its the plug?

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Are the lights led. Sometimes led lights won’t shut completely off with smart triggers. I’d also try any other light source and those lights in a different wyze plug. Trouble shoot the heck out of it. I actually find it quite fun finding the solution

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Has there been any additional confirmation of voltage leak on the load side?

I have a few other plugs that doe this and some that do not.

Did you take a meter and check it? What kind of readings are you seeing?

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No, I don’t have a Wyze plug to test. Which is why I asked here. Did you check it with a meter?