Outdoor plug connection

I currently have 2 outdoor plugs that I’ve had for 6 months or more and they work perfectly. At first they were buggy because of weak signal but an extender solve that problem. I recently rebuilt my wi-fi system in my home and had to delete all the devices and start over which in my opinion is one of the biggest mental patient things that wise ever did, but again everything reinstalled and works perfectly. Yesterday I bought two new outdoor plugs, install them like I have done before, they connected but then went into an endless loop of clicking on and off and then a loop of an update that ultimately fails. I reset both of the plugs by holding the power key and reinstalling them on my phone. (One at a time) Once you do the initial install and then delete the device and then attempt to reinstall and now they only show a cloud with a line through it and internet signal is too weak. I spent over 2 hours on the phone yesterday with tech support for them to send me two new plugs. I went out to a different store this morning and bought another plug and it did the exact same thing. This is three plugs in 2 days that I cannot connect to my internet. All of my other wyze products are functioning on my Wi-Fi just fine along with a million other devices of different branding. With the exception of the bulbs literally having a mind of their own and never wanting to follow rules, but that’s a whole other issue that wyze is having. Just based on my quick surfing of this forum I am not alone. Maybe it’s time to start a class action lawsuit against the company.