Wyze outdoor outlet dont work anymore

I have 14 oudoor outlets from wyze which are on timer. For the last 3 years had no issues. A month ago i got 6 more devices for my reptile tanks. And none of them is not working. The problem is that one of the outlet plugs of the device dont following the schedule!! And it was updated alreday re writed, re started. Later the same problem started coming out with all other my outdoor outlets also which worked perfectly for the last 3 years. Now i have only one plug working on each wyze outdoor outlet, only one plug of 2 keep following the schedule. I contacted wyzy support but they cant do anything like always, they still have the case open fir my security floodlight cameras which dont provide sounds on the footages, just video available. And its also was working perfectly from beginning, later all cameras got tge same issues at tge same time. Looks like the big law suit is coming against wyze, since they cant fix anything, the case was filled 8 months ago!