Wyze Outdoor Plugs randomly turning on with no rules or automations

Hi All,

I am really befuddled with the behavior of two of my Wyze Outdoor Plugs. I recently replaced some eufy plugs that I had no issues with with the outdoor plugs. I have them setup indoors and I use them to turn on and off power to some sockets where I have electronics plugged in that are always drawing power.

The issue I am having is that they are at random times turning themselves on with no user input. I have triple checked that I have no rules or automations in the Wyze app or Alexa that would trigger these. It also happens at very random times. My best guess is they are turning on when they lose internet connection. I am having issues with Spectrum in my area and 3-4 times a day I lose connectivity for 2-3 minutes. Since I am not home during the work day I don’t know exactly when it happens but it seems every couple of days when I come home all the plugs have turned themselves on.

The only exception to this is the Wyze Outdoor Plug I have setup actually outside and is using the dusk/dawn sensor to trigger power. This one works fine without issue and is not powering itself on with the rest.

Is anyone else having this issue with the random power on events?

Yes, me too. Cam sitting nearby works fine.

Yes me also, I have my outdoor plug hooked up to my pool pump set to come on at 8am and go off at 10pm. Lately it’s been working on its own time schedule. Not sure where it’s getting time of day from. Need some kind of reset.

Me too. App wont let me delete one of the two sockets no matter what i do. Seems to have started about two weeks ago and for me prior to latest release

I have the same problem. Plug was turning on and off at random intervals. I have no rules, but decided to start over. I deleted socket one. I cannot delete socket 2. I ran setup and it cannot find socket one.
Not sure how to fix this problem.

I have 3 outdoor plugs and now have had problems with all three. The first one I purchased during the pre
intro time period worked well for a while then I was having issues with the turning the fountain on and off remotely not a a schedule. Wyze replaced that one and it seems to still be working fine after about 2 months since replacement. The other 2 outdoor plugs are controlling security lighting in my backyard. They were working fine for a couple of months, then all of a sudden they would turn on and off at random times. I believe after an update several weeks ago, problems began. I have working with Wyze wizards and after working with several of them and spending a lot of time on several occasions troubleshooting, I have asked Wyze to provide replacements, so I can start fresh, hopefully with 2 working, reliable outdoor plugs.
One other problem, is the confusion between rules and schedules,

Did you get the two replacement plugs, and do they work fine?

I found my issues occurred around Internet connection issues. So far mine have been okay since I reset my modem and mesh network. It seems like if these lose connection they like to randomly turn on the plugs.

Same issue, both channels come on by themselves

Same - Wyze plug has no rules or schedule, but randomly turns itself on.
It is powering a water recirculating pump that I can hear throughout the house - I know when I hear the pump start to quickly log into the app and shut it off.
The whole reason I got the plug was so that pump would not run all the time, and it is sort of accomplishing the opposite.

Same issue. Looks like it is related to WiFi connectivity. That would make sense in my case as well. I’m switching an engine block heater and it is important to me that it doesn’t randomly come on.

A likely easy partial mitigation would be an update that allows users to select default behavior after loss of internet, 🛜. Add another for loss of power. Ideally Default (off, on, last state) for these features.

Has anyone figured out a fix for this? The last two days my switch has turned itself on by itself despite no rules or schedules set up to do so. It has happened around the time I have a schedule for Smartthings to run a routine for some other devices. Though Wyze is of not a part of that routine since it doesn’t integrate into ST and I havnt set up virtual switches. So the only connection I can think is if there is a power surge or some internet connectivity hiccup.
Anyway, I need to figure this out ASAP as it burned up a turbine on water pump that ran dry.