Outdoor plug varying performance issues

I have wyze outdoor plug. Two weeks old. I often have to manually turn on one side of the plug. They are both on/off via rule. It’s always the same side of the plug that doesn’t come on. It’s hit or miss. Some days it works others it doesn’t requiring me to manually turn on. Thoughts???

Can you provide the App Version and Device you are using as well as the Firmware version of the plug?

  • Is there one rule for each plug? Meaning maybe at night turn both plugs off and in the morning turn them both on. Asking because at times it is better to use separate rules vs grouped rules.

  • How far is the Router from the plugs? Sometimes there could be interference.

  • Try Clearing the Cache from within the app. Go to Account, App Setting, the Clear Cache. If you are using Android, clear the OS cache by Long pressing the on the App, choose App Info, do a Force Stop, then Storage and Cache to clear the cache. Then go in and see if it works. Note, your camera thumb nails will be lost until you do a live stream again.

  • Finally, I would reboot the router to see if that clears it up.