Wyze Plug Outdoor

As of yesterday, March 2, 2022 my Wyze Plug Outdoor is no longer connecting to the cloud or my wireless network. I have unplugged it, and plugged it in again, to recycle power, and still wont connect to wireless.

I had to manually hit the power buttons for each outlet on the Wyze outdoor plug to turn on the lights in the yard.

Has / Is anyone else experiencing issues with the Wyze outdoor plug?


The following outlines some steps to do. You may want to see about connecting it to your WiFi again.

Here is a link you could look at - step 3 is what I was thinking.

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HI, Thank you for reading my post.

The Wyze Outdoor plug is less than 10 feet from my indoor wireless router.
So I thought it was very odd that it could not detect the network.

I ended up getting it working again, by just installing it as if it was never installed.

Very odd for it to drop off like that.
1st time it has happened since I purchased it back in Nov 2021

Glad you got it working. Do you know if you are on the latest Firmware? I know wyze has been doing a lot of work with connectivity on different devices.

The latest FW for the outdoor plug is: (February 7, 2022)

Hi ,
Thank you!
Re-installing it took less than 5 minutes, and was the easiest way to find out if I can get it working again.

In regards to the latest firmware, I tend to keep everything “electronic” up to date. Mainly for security reasons, and the continuous threats that evolved daily.

It still makes me wonder what caused this to happen.
The fact that reinstalling it, allowed it to work again, makes me think information / sec keys or something became corrupted, or just lost its Wireless Config info.

Either way, odd to me

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