Virtual three way switch

I am slowly replacing my old dumb switches with Wyze smart switches. I’m doing 3-4 at a time until my whole house is “smart.”

I have two sets of three way switches - one in particular that the three way function is necessary. My plan is to convert the three way switches to a single pole set up. (There are several tutorials like this one to do it. How To Change 3 Way Switches Into A Single Pole Switch - YouTube) Then install a Wyze switch to control the lights in Classic mode. I want to install another switch without a load wire (just line and neutral) in the “dead” switch spot and use Smart Control to toggle the new switch. This should in theory give me a virtual three way switch.

Had anyone tried this? It works in theory, but I wonder if anyone has given it a shot.

(I do understand that it makes my second switch WiFi dependent. However my WiFi has been extremely reliable thus far with Wyze products. And the “three way” set up will be one of my last, so they’ll be plenty of time to test and verify my WiFi’s capabilities with multiple Wyze devices.)

I assume you mean the new switch (in the dead switch spot) will be used to control the devices normally affected by the main switch?

Many 3 way smart switch setups such as Leviton have a “satellite” switch similar to that (already paired of course).


Did it today. It works pretty good, but I have to push the non load switch twice when the loaded switch is off. I’m happy with the results.

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Do you have the non load switch on Classic Control or Smart Control? If you have it on Smart Control, I wonder why you have to push it twice? I was hoping it would literally toggle the switch with a single press.

Thanks for being my Guinea pig!

I have it in smart control. It doesn’t stay in sync with the loaded switch. Ex: If I turn it on from the loaded switch, the unloaded switch still thinks it’s off. So I have to push it once to get it back in sync and then again to turn it off. It’s not a deal breaker for me. It keeps me from putting a blank plate on the wall and still functions.

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Makes sense. I wonder if you can set a rule for the one in smart control that says “when Classic Control switch is on, turn on” and “when Classic Control switch is off, turn off” or something like that. I’ll try it out. (I have to wait a few days though… my wife already sick of my experimenting with them. :joy:)

I have the setup described above on a couple of 3way switches in my home. I dabbled with the rules to try to sync the non load switches, but it seems to throw the logic into a loop. It’s been a month or so since I’ve tried…so maybe they’ve fixed this issue? Haha. Curious to see if anyone has successfully made this work. I’m content with having to double press the non load switch on occasion. We mostly use google home voice commands anyways so I don’t press the physical switches all that much. :nerd_face:

I just had this issue. We installed 2 switches (one on load and one virtual) and after applying rules to try to keep both in sync, the switches fell in a toggle loop.

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I tried to add another Wyze switch without the load wire connected but I cant add it as it does not seem to want to power up. The other switch works and i co nected the travellers and pigtailed off that to supply the line feed. There is 120 there with the neitral but I see no light. Hmm

Yes you can. I did that to have my switch synchronized with my lights group.
Therefore, when I turn the lamps on using the app, my switch is also in “on” state. The same goes for the “off” state.

Otherwyse (<- got this), the switch is out of sync with the lamps.