Option for "freestanding" smart switch? Or converting multi-pole to single pole?

I’m wondering if there’s any option to have a smart switch that is plugged into a socket, rather than replacing a pre-existing switch? I’m imagining that this device would only work Wyze’s “smart control” mode, because it would only have access to bulbs devices via wifi.

The reason I’m asking is that I have a traditional switch that used to control the lights in a room which I’ve now converted entirely to Wyze color bulbs. Unfortunately, this switch is multi-pole (connected to another nearby switch) and Wyze smart switches say they only work with single pole switches. I’d like to have a smart switch for controlling the Wyze lights in this room.

Alternatively, is it feasible (for an electrician) to convert this existing circuit to be single-pole, so that I could install a Wyze switch there?


Not sure about the electrical bits required to convert a multi switch circuit to a single one. An electrician would need to answer that. I am confident the two can be isolated so long as the neutral is available, but without knowing how it is routed from switch to switch, it’s hard to say.

On the smart switch plugged into an outlet… Wyze doesn’t make one, but a Wyze Smart Plug can do this with rules. Tap the button on the side to turn it on and the rule turns on any Wyze device you want. It will also turn on any non-Wyze device using Alexa Routines.


Thanks! I didn’t know that Wyze plugs have programmable buttons; will look into that.

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It’s not a programmable button. It is the On\Off switch for the plug. You don’t have to have anything plugged into it. All you do is create a Rule in the Wyze App or Alexa Routine: When Plug Turns On, Turn these lights on. When Plug Turns Off, Turn these lights off (or whatever other smart stuff you want to control). It essentially turns the On\Off button on the side of the plug into a Smart Switch.

I am using 6 Wyze plugs just for that purpose. Since some Wyze devices don’t have triggers or actions in Alexa (but the plugs do), I use the Wyze rules to turn the plug on\off and the plug to trigger my Alexa Routines (and vice versa).


I see; so would I be able to set a rule (in the Wyze app) like: when this plug turns on, turn these 5 Wyze bulbs on?

If so, could this rule also set lights to different brightness/colors?

Yep! Even with bulb groups.

Here is everything you can tell the Wyze Color Bulbs to do when the Plug On triggers the rule: