Wyze Switch Has Limited Functionality

Seems like the Wyze switches can’t do much more in WiFi App mode other than turn on or off. For example, they can’t trigger a Wyze plug, can’t reset colors or brightness (on Wyze bulbs) via Rules. Is there another workaround possible for this? Very frustrating that I have to dedicate 2 Wyze plugs just to control my lighting, colors, brightness, time of day, etc yet still can’t get basic smart functionality on the switches to complete the desired lighting scenario(s).

Can you post a picture of the Rule you are using for the Plug and LIghts associated to the swtich?

I have a Double Press Action in the Switch to turn on my Strip light, set a color and Brightness. Here is the rule:


Ok here is the Rule.

Note that these are for the bulbs, not the strip, and for app functionality vs physically pressing the smart switch.

I suppose that should be another option that could be included in the app: virtual double or triple presses to emulate physical pressing of switch.

The indoor plug trigger shown in rule does absolutely nothing unfortunately. I was trying that as a last resort since nothing else worked. The plug just activates more rule functions, there is nothing physically connected to it.

Granted I might have a slightly complicated set up with multiple lights being activated with YoLink motion sensors triggering an Alexa routine to turn on a plug to trigger various rules depending on time of day.

I was just hoping that my Wyze switch could virtually turn on those lights to full white brightness when needed as the actual switch is not in an ideal location.