Rules don't work with Wyze as well as Alexa

Just installed Wyze smart switch. I am able to turn lights on and off using the wyze app manually. However, the Rules are not working. Whether I tie the rule to a sunset event or a specific time, the rules does not fire. I have Alexa control many other smart devices. Even Alex is unable to control this switch. What could be wrong? Thanks.

I can confirm the rules are not working on the smart switch as I have been trying to use them to control a wyze floodlight camera to no avail.

I’ve been trying for several days to set a rule to turn a plug on/off for several days. Also tried same with a smart plug. The plug and bulb just ignore the rules. I tried both to come on at a specific hour and off at a specific hour, selected every day of week–and so on. Nothing works.