Delayed Rules for Wyze Plug

Setting up rules to turn off lights and devices at a particular time is causing me issues. I’ve set a rule to turn off a light at 11PM but it can take up to 5-10 minutes after 11PM for the device to actually turn off.

Same happens with another Wyze plug that is set to turn a light on at 6AM, it usually doesn’t turn on till 6:05-6:10AM.

Is this a local issue or an issue with Wyze servers not sending the actual command toll 5-10 minutes after it should.

This seems like a bug, or at the very least an issue that should be investigated.

Has anyone else had this issue?

I also have the same issue. I posted it here: Rules not firing on time. I have yet to hear any feedback on this issue.

Try using the Alexa app to see if you see the same results.

I use the Alexa app for most of my rules with bulbs, plugs and sensors with with no such delays.

I do occasionally have delays with notifications from sensors, but not with actions involving bulbs and plugs.