On/Off Rule Problem with Wyze Smart Plug

Similar problem to one reported with Wyze Bulbs but with Wyze Smart Plug.

New Wyze Smart Plug - problem getting rules set up to turn my plug on/off at specific times.

Goal=turn plug on 9:00 pm at night, turn-off 3:00 am morning.

On app as Everyday:.
From: 9:00 pm
Until: 3:00 am

I get a message that “Start time must be before end…” message seems to be stopping the rule. In my view the start time is before the end time but it must think it’s on the same day.

Any help/suggestions?


This is an issue they do know about and are working on fixing


In the meantime I believe you can create 2 separate rules. One to turn the Plug on at 9 PM, and one to turn the Plug off at 3 AM.


Thanks all. Will try two rules and check back for app updates.


@Newshound took my answer lol

by making separate rules they are unaware of each other and can’t interfere with each other and they just do what they are assigned to do at the specific time.

more work, but also more consistent.


Has this ever been resolved? Have 4 Plugs, and rules will not work consistently.

Seems the only place to get any more definitive information is on reddit, and this is from 1 year ago. What’s up with Wyze, did I blunder going with price versus quality??https://www.reddit.com/r/wyzecam/comments/dhcve3/wyze_plug_schedules_not_working/