Updating 'Using Rules with Wyze Plug'

I have had problems setting up a schedule for my Smart Plugs ever since that ‘Actions’ drop down was introduced. There were no clear instructions and use of it is not very intuitive to me. I kept wondering why the ‘end time’ was optional. Originally, the ‘end time’ was not optional and it was the time you wanted your plug to turn off. When the ‘action’ drop down was put in play, I could not get the schedule to work consistently and had to turn on and off manually. Finally, what I found is that to set up a schedule, you must set up 2 rules - 1 to turn on and 2 to turn off. You don’t need to set an ‘end time’. In fact, leave it as ‘Not set’. First rule will be for start time with the ‘action’ being to turn on and the second rule will be to turn off using the start time as the time you want to turn off with the ‘action’ being to turn off. You must remember to click on ‘save’ for each step. Please share this with whoever and ask Wyze to update their instructions to set a schedule/rule/action…

Thank you…

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If your desire is to simply turn plug on and turn plug off based on day/time, you can either create one rule schedule to do both actions or create two seperate rule schedules, one to turn on and one to turn off. I have many rule schedules, most with end times. Some end times are tied to sunrise/sunset and some fixed times. All of my rule schedules work flawlessly. For example:

“End time” is not always “plug turns off”. I have some inverted rule schedules where start time is “plug turns on” and end time is “plug turns on”.

End time is optional because there are scenarios where end time doesn’t apply.

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Thanks! So your ‘Action’ for both start and end time would be ‘Turn on’. You would not use the ‘Turn off’ action setting. That’s where I introduce the problems I experienced, which caused the schedule to be inconsistent. Again, thank you for your feedback.

No, in the example screenshot, setting end time is “Turn off”. The turn off action is implied by the End Time setting, so adding a turn off action is redundant:


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It’s confusing and the instructions are not clear to me… Though your explanations have helped me understand… Thank you.

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