Wyze Plug via Android App

Under plug “settings”, Schedules is listed as well as Rules.
What’s the difference?
If i hit “Rules” is shows the word “schedules” and the + allows for the creation of a new rule.
If i hit “Schedules” it asks when to turn on and off. I seem to be able to accomplish this through Rules anyway.

Moreover, under Rules i can displace time from Sunset or Sunrise, where i cannot seem to be able to do this under Schedules…

Underneath all this, where’s the documentation that explains all of this?

Tap the info icon…

Settings > Schedules run locally without Internet. I.e., when Internet service is out to lunch, plug schedules still run. Rules are stored and executed from the cloud. I.e., plug rules need Internet service to pass the cloud-based commands to your plug. Without Internet service, your rules will fail.