Plugs function intermittently with rules and schedules

I have about 6 plugs around the house with various schedules and rules. Over the last 6 months they have become very flaky. I had decided one plug was bad as it would turn on and off randomly, then one day I gave it a last chance before trashing it and it just worked.

Some are set to follow sunrise-sunset. Some run on set schedules throughout the day and night. One is 15’ - 20’ from 3 Nest mesh wifi points and half the time doesn’t turn on as scheduled. All my other IOT switches and plugs work fine, including my Outdoor Plug.

Tried all the obvious stuff, power cycling, firmware updates, deleting and recreating schedules etc.

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Can you post screenshots of what your rules consist of? Make sure all actions listed on the individual rules are shown. Thanks in advance!

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I have 16 plugs in play, all running automations from rules. I don’t have any specific reasons for what you are experiencing based on the rule and schedule you posted, just some things to consider:

  • Rules are initiated by the server to the plug thru the internet. No internet = No Rule Execution.

  • Schedules are saved on the plug and executed locally regardless of internet connection. But, they can conflict with set rules.

  • I have helped a handful of users who had schedules and rules that were not acting right because the schedule or rule bridges two calendar days (ie: on one day, off the next). They execute much better when the start and end are in the same calendar day.

  • Make sure your location for the plug is correctly saved so it pulls the correct sunrise and sunset times for your GPS location.

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EDIT: D’oh! I just looked at my last post and the start time for the dehumidifier was set for 12pm not midnight. Darn you 12 hr clocks!

Unfortunately a few of my plugs don’t offer the schedule feature, I assume they are too old:

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Good to know! :bulb:

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Look on the back or check the FW version. If there is no Black Key logo or it is on FW v. or before, it is an Original pre-2021 and they do not have onboard scheduling.