Do Wyze Plugs have internal timers or RTC - will schedules work w/ no Internet?

I am clear that there is no real-time control for the Wyze Plugs when there is no Internet connection, but I am asking about pre-established schedules. For example, the Plug has a schedule to turn off the attached device at 4 PM and turn it back on at 5 PM. The Internet goes down at 4:50 PM. Will the Wyze Plug on its own turn back on at 5 PM?

If the Plug stores the schedule on-device and has a timer or real-time clock, then I would imagine that it can work. If it is purely dependent on the server to send the commands, then I guess not.


There are a few different versions of wyze plugs, but most of them support local schedules. Check inside the devices settings for schedules, instead of rules which require internet.


To help identify which version of Wyze Plugs you own:

1st Gen - Original Wyze Plugs do not support Local Schedules. Schedules created in Rules are cloud-based and Internet dependent.

1st Gen - Original Wyze Plug settings page:

2nd Gen - Plug 2021 and 3rd Gen - Plug 2022 support both Local Schedules and Rules. Local Schedules are not Internet-dependent and will run without Internet.

2nd Gen - Plug 2021 settings page:

3rd Gen - Plug 2022 settings page:


Thank you @Seapup very much for the detailed reply. Your post answered my questions completely. Thanks, too, @IEatBeans.

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