Smart Plug Power Cycle Timer?

Does the Wyze Smart Plug have the ability to turn a device off for a few minutes and then turn it back on? I’m hearing that it’s a good idea to power cycle a router once a day and I know some smart plugs can do this, but am not sure if the Wyze Smart Plug can. I like it power off my router at say 1am and then a minute or so later power it back up.

Yea I’m sure you can do this with a scheduled rule

You can do this with local schedules, so then it won’t need internet to come back on


I’m not sure how to do that.

Rules are controlled by an internet connection from the plug (or device) to Wyze’s servers.

Using a Rule, you can turn off the router, but then the plug has no connection to the internet and will not receive the command to turn back on.

But a “local schedule” is a schedule stored in the plug itself, that does not need a connection to the internet to run. And as long as it has power, the schedule will run even without an internet connection.

  • In the mobile app, tap on the plug.
  • Then tap on the device settings icon (little gear icon in the upper right).
  • Tap on “Schedules” - this sets up a local schedule that does not need an internet connection to run
  • It may ask you to pick a location on the map, so it knows when the sunrise and sunset is at that location in case you select the sunrise or sunset times in the schedule.
  • Enable the “Schedule 1” item, or add another schedule if you are already using Schedule 1.
  • Tab on “Turn on”, tap on "Custom’, and pick the time to turn on - then save.
  • Tap on “Turn off”, tap on “Custom”, and pick the time to turn off. In your case, you want this a minute or so before the turn on time. The save.
  • You can select which days to run - but there is a bug, and it always runs the next day after the day you pick, so pick the days before you want it to run. They are working on a firmware fix for this, but it has not been released yet.

That’s it.

I have a local schedule set up to turn on my front room lava lamp (yep, I’m that old) on Sunday evening while we watch a movie. Because of the bug, the schedule says to run Saturday so that it will actually run on Sunday. I’m anxious for the day of the week fix that they are working on. But till then, I just mentally adjust the schedule in my mind from what I set it for in the plug.

My schedule works perfectly - been running for over a month now.

Normally you would set a schedule to turn on at a time, then off later, but you want to turn off, then turn on later.

I have not tried this reversed schedule thing, but I think it should work (but I’m not sure).

If it does not work, then use a rule to turn it off (while it still has an internet connection), then use a local schedule to turn it on a few minutes after the turn off rule runs - It is also possible for rules to run a little late, because of internet communication congestion, so set the turn on to be several minutes after the turn off, in case the turn off runs a little late and runs after the turn on local schedule.

That ought to work as well. Just remember that once the router is off, no “rules” will run till the router is back on and the plug has an internet connection again.


There is no “Schedules” in the app settings for my Plug. I’m on an iPhone if that matters.

Whether you have an original Plug or a subsequent design is what matters.

When you go to Device Info, do you only see “Wyze Plug” as the Device Model, or do you see “Wyze Plug v2” (or higher)? The latter has the extra circuitry to handle local schedules. :slight_smile:


IPhone or not would not matter. If you get the Local Schedules to work, there’s another setting you want just as importantly. Last Power State. Most of the time the choices are On, Off, Last State. Naturally, you want your router on. So, if it loses power, the plug loses power and when power comes back it will put the item plugged in it in the state you specified. In this case, with the router, ON. So, when power is restored, it comes back on.

I’m sorry, I don’t know if Wyze plugs use this. The plugs I do use do provide both these features. Might be work a look-see if you are interested. Sonoff S31. Does not use the Wyze app. Uses an app named eWelink.

Sorry - the description I posted is based on the model of Wyze plugs that I have - you might have different plugs.

I have 10 Wyze indoor plugs, bought at several different times this year, with the latest purchased just 3 weeks ago.

In the “Device info” in the settings page for all of my indoor plugs, the device model is “Wyze Plug CFH”, and they all have the “key design” on the back of the plugs. On the Wyze Release Notes and Firmware page, these plugs are listed as “Wyze Plug (2021 Version) (with key design)”, with the latest firmware version (December 6, 2021). There is also a 2022 (with key design) model on the firmware page as well (with only 1 firmware version, plus the “original (no key design)” model.

I also have several Wyze Outdoor Plugs.

The Wyze bulbs that I have (color and white), have a “Power Loss Recovery” option (with “on”, or “previous state” options), but none of the Wyze plugs that I have (indoor or outdoor), have that option.

But through experimentation (and posted elsewhere here), I have confirmed that when the power comes back on, the plugs restore to the last known state when the power was lost (either on or off). So you can’t control the state directly, but they resume in the same state as before the power loss, which seems like a reasonable thing to do in most cases.

By the way, I have not turned my router off/on or rebooted it since I got it 4 months ago, and it continues to perform without any issues. All my devices stay connected with no problems.

I’m not saying it is a bad thing to reboot your router, but it probably depends on the router you have as to whether this will help resolve any issues it might have. Some routers have an option to schedule a regular reboot, but that would not be quite the same as turning it off, then on again.

But every day seems a bit excessive, and keep in mind that when you do, every one of your smart devices will have to reconnect, which will cause an “outage” for those devices for however long they take to reconnect. All my Wyze devices seem to reconnect in about 5 seconds or so, but I have some other brands of smart things that can take over 30 seconds. In my case, the time to reconnect is also affected by how strong/weak of a wifi signal it has as well.

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The Wyze Plugs default to last power state. There is no adjustment to this default.


Go to your Plug’s Settings > Device Info. If “Device Model” reads “Wyze Plug CFH” and you don’t see “Schedules” under Settings, you need to update your app and/or plug firmware.

If “Device Model” reads “Wyze Plug” you can’t make use of local schedules. I.e., you can’t use your plug for your use case.


I have the original Wyze Smart Plug.

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I am using Wyze home monitoring at two different locations with T Mobile Home Internet. To state the obvious, I can’t be at two locations at one time, and sometimes T Mobile loses connection needs to be reset. I wonder if setting up a Smart plug connecting the T Mobile router to power would be useful to ensure that the system operates. (?) Or should I use something else?

A smart plug on a router from which it gets it’s own WiFi internet access would be in the same predicament the HMS hub is in. If the ISP signal goes down or the router WiFi goes down, the plug is inaccessible remotely.

However, many still use them on routers because they can be scheduled to proactively power cycle the router on a regular basis. Just make sure you have one that will return to the ON state. It won’t do any good if it returns to OFF.

There is, however, a reactive\proactive device that can be used that detects your internet signal and will power cycle the router when signal is lost. This is just one example:

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