Auto plug scheduling without the router

I have a Wyze plug and would like to see if anyone has any ideas on this…

I would like to find a way that the plug could be scheduled to reboot my router each week. The turning off part seems easy, just schedule it to turn off.

Once it shuts off the router, how would I schedule it to turn back on? Is this even possible?

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After rereading your request, I believe the below option will not function as your router will be offline. Without internet connection, there will be no way for the rules to be used / fired to bring it back online. Wyze is not local processing.

Curious as to why you would like to reboot your router weekly?

Sorry for any confusion.

But, the Rule does work if you had an internet connection,

Set a Schedule Rule to turn your plug off at a time interval you decide. Then set Trigger Rule which says, if plug has been off for x minutes, turn it back on. I have done things like this in the past successfully. Here is an image of the Trigger Rule. Basically says if plug has been off for 5 inutes, turn it back on.


Search for Internet Enabled IP Remote Power Switch with Reboot on Amazon to find some possible solutions.

However, if you are having router problems you may want to look into using that money to buy a new router. :wink:

It’s a great suggestion. I can not find the IF on my page. Is that something you added?

Look at his graphic. The way it is actually worded there is “When [ Wyze Plug 1 ] has been off for 00:05:00 Action Turn on [ Wyze Plug 1 ]”.

I haven’t tested it, but I suspect that rule is dependent on Wyze server connections as well. I don’t think there is a time clock in the Plug, part of keeping it inexpensive. The server probably processes the rule, and commands the Plug when the rule is fulfilled.

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You are correct. I, also, have not tested when you shut down the router and then have a rule run a device. That is the part I seemed to have glossed over. I know the aforementioned rule works for normal operations. Not sure about requiring the internet to function.

@bwilley77 , If you try this, please let us if you test this and it worked or not. Also, curious as to why you are rebooting your router every week or so?

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I don’t have the Wyze plugs, but with my plugs from other companies (Kasa by TP-Link, VeSync by Etekcity), the timers are stored on device and work without any internet or even WiFi connection.

If the one for the Wyze plugs run from the internet, then obviously they wouldn’t work to restart your router.

You may also want to check your router’s options. Mine has the capability to schedule a restart.

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Wow – I have a similar issue. I bought a wyze plug specifically to turn a cable gateway (modem) off and on at specific times. This is a secondary way to insure the internet isn’t available after certain young bedtimes. So this plug isn’t self-supporting? It has to have an internet connection to function? That makes it a lot less useful. If a remote home loses the internet (or power) with some frequency, this product would be less than useful.

I know I’m late to the party and this may be an exercise to use the plug to reboot the router, but just in case you didn’t already know, most routers can be scheduled to reboot without an external switch. Google your router brand or model and “schedule reboot” for instructions. Example: Asus schedule reboot. I’m definitely late I just noticed LonnieM already made the suggestion.