WYZE Plug and router


I would love to be able to use my Wyze plug to reboot my router. I can create a rule to turn the router off. Unfortunately the WYZE plug needs the router to perform any action

I do not understand why the plug cannot have an “auto on” option that can be set up in a rule. This would automatically restore power to the plug without any communication from a router.

I believe if you are booting your router on a set schedule, you could use the schedule in the Settings area. This is a little different from a Rule as it runs local. so you can say turn off the switch at a certain time and then turn it back on 5 minutes later.

Something to try.


My Netgear Nighthawk router does not have a reboot schedule setting. I wish it did. I need an external device to do this.

I wish the WYZE plug could be that device.

I am talking about the Wyze Plug. You can set a schedule or a Rule. I think the Schedule is local timing. The Rule requires the internet


As spamoni4 replied, if you are running a Plug 2021 (CFH), create a reboot schedule via Wyze app Home > Plug > Settings (gear icon, upper right) > Schedules. If you don’t see “Schedules” as an option, you have the original Plug that cannot perform automation without Internet connectivity.


You can do it with this. I have several devices that turn off and turn back on on a schedule.

Wait, the schedules will continue to run even after it loses internet? Tons of people have been wanting to be able to do this. I thought Schedules required internet, and if you schedule to turn off the plug with the modem/router then it can never turn it back on (with a schedule or remotely) because it will have just shut off the internet. Has anyone tried running a schedule with no internet? Is it really local and will still run with the modem/router off? If so, that’s pretty awesome! Wyze should be promoting this better. Tons of people buy different plugs instead of Wyze just to be able to schedule a time to hard cycle their router/modem at night while they’re sleeping to clear out any memory leaks so it will function well again for the new day. (I have 2 Ankuoo plugs that they call a “WiFi Switch” just for this purpose (also automatically resets the modem/router if you lose internet)…I used to need it when I had Xfinity because I lost internet so often with them (never use them now), but I was so sad there was no way to do this with Wyze and had to go to another company for those.

There are at least 3+ wishlist requests with variations about ways to get the plug to restart your modem. I didn’t think Wyze could do that all. Huh, learned something new today!


@carverofchoice, I can confirm that the WiFi plug that I put a link to will turn my router off and turn it back on. I just set it for a two minute cycle. Set it to turn off at :35 past the hour and back on at :37 past the hour. It turned off on schedule and back on at :37 past the hour.
I don’t know about others. Most of my WiFi plugs are Sonoff.

This Sonoff S31 WiFi plug has a LAN Control feature. That might account for its ability to remember the schedule that I just added, tested and now deleted from the device.

I have a couple of Wyze on Wyze V3’s but that’s the only place I use Wyze plugs. I have more than 60 Sonoff devices performing IoT Smart Home functions. I like them. (For instance, today, I just hacked a Sonoff Basic RFR2 WiFi Switch to perform like the Wyze GD Controller as a Dry Relay. But the Basic RFR2 is also 433 MHz Remote Control capable. So, my GDO is now Voice, App, 433 MHz Remote Control, manual controlled, and triggered from even Yolink, Smartthings and Wyze sensors via Alexa.)

I see a timer in the Wyze plug, but I didn’t try using without Internet. I tested a Sonoff S31 with turning off my router and turning it back on with the schedule.

I guess I missed something.


Yep. But you need the new plug.


That’s awesome. Wyze should seriously put in some effort to market that for the new plug, because it is something fairly desired in a smart plug. By market, I just mean mentioning it on the plug’s page or something…I know Wyze doesn’t spend money on traditional advertising.


Yes, but the schedules must be set up via Home > Plug > Settings > Schedules. These are local schedules which is different from cloud-based Rules/Schedules. Plug Outdoor also has local schedule functionality.


I’ve had both of these plugs and I didn’t realize the plug schedules were local. This is great.


Yea they run completely locally! How does that work with the sunrise/sunset schedules, does it just sync its local time every so often with the internet and if its offline just uses the last time it synced?


I do not know for certain, but your hypothesis sounds reasonable and logical to me.

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Does anyone know what the CFH plug, with a local schedule, will do in this scenario:

Plug is set with a local schedule to shut off at 01:30 and then come back on at 01:35.

House power goes off due to a storm at 01:34 and doesn’t come back on until 02:00.

  1. Does the plug have an internal power source to retain and update the time? Or does the plug lose its clock time completely?

  2. If the plug keeps its clock setting during the outage, does it turn on since the time is after the proscribed “on” time?

  3. If the plug loses its clock setting during the power outage, does it remain in an “off” state or does it go to an “on” state?

  4. Bottom line, if the plug is controlling a router and house power goes out, can the plug gracefully resume its schedule and restart the router without physical intervention?

It seems to me that if the plug has no internal battery or capacitor to retain clock time, and does not have a way to default to an “on” state, and house power goes out, there would be no way to restore power to the router without physical access and intervention. If that’s the case, a mechanical timer would be a better router reboot option.

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Do you have Amazon’s Alexa? My Netgear Nighthawk connects with Alexa, and I use the command “ Alexa, ask NETGEAR to reboot my router”.

Doesnt that rely on the Amazon unit being connected to the internet to send that command?


I can make guesses, but I may have to just test this scenario and see what it actually will do. My guess is the plug would not turn on when the power came on, but that is just my personal guess. This weekend I will run a test and see what the plug actually does.


Yeah, I can’t imagine it would come back on.
Perhaps a “Power Loss Recovery” option could be added to the firmware like the bulbs have.

If the plug had that, the user could specify the desired state after an outage. The logic for that should already be in place since the bulbs have it.

That simple addition would let the Wyze plugs function for router reboots.

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Just get a digital timer that bypasses wifi all together. Sometimes you have to rely on older technology. I have a digital timer that reboots my router 3 times a day. Its a peace of mind thing. I went on vacation and dealt with a router issue while I was gone and all of my cameras were off line. Remote management wasnt accessible either. It was stressful but now I have the timer set to reboot on its own without wifi. At least if something does go down I can wait for the the timer to do its thing.