Allow Wyze Plug to Run Rules When Internet Not Available

I have a cable modem that works best when reset on a somewhat regular basis. I got some Wyze plugs so that I can do this in an automated fashion. However, when the plug no longer has internet access the rules stop running. I set up a rule to turn the plug off and the a minute later turn it back on. It turns off just fine, but since it is powering my modem it will not turn back on. It would be nice if the plugs did not require a constant internet connection to be able to run the rules. An internal clock and rule cache should allow it to run rules even when internet is not available.

Unfortunately, the Wyze plugs don’t work that way. The rules are actually stored and run from their servers. You might want to check the wish list category for this and if it doesn’t already exist, create an item.

Yeah, I was trying to submit a wishlist item. Looks like I put it in the wrong spot. I’ve re-submitted as a wishlist item.

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Take a look on Amazon for a “Internet Enabled IP Remote Power Switch with Reboot”. It’s a device that monitors Internet connectivity, and when it sees a fail it power-cycles your modem/router. :slight_smile:

Or, buy a new modem. :upside_down_face:

You might try putting another router above your “problem” router. And install the WiFi switch on the first one. That way one of your routers stays up to help you reset power on your Better router.

Got an old one, or a cheap new one that you can use for this function? Worth a try. I like the idea of the Internet Enabled IP Remote Power Switch with Reboot device. Gonna need to look into that too.