Wyze Plug (Suggested Improvements) #wishlist

I have two suggestions for the Wyze Plug:

  1. Auto Restart without Wifi connection
    Suppose I have a router and/or access point plugged into the plug, and want to power cycle the router. If I turn the plug off, I won’t have access to the plug to tell it to turn back on. If an auto restart with pause feature were implemented, the plug could turn off, wait 30 seconds, and then turn back on, restarting my router and/or access point, and then I would have a connection to the plug again.

  2. Auto Restart when Wifi connection is lost.
    This would be similar to what the Ubiquiti plug would do: SmartPower Plug – Ubiquiti Inc.

Thanks for submitting your ideas, but this isn’t quite how the wishlist is used.

When creating a wishlist post you should set the CATEGORY to “wishlist”. It will say “please wait for your post to be reviewed” after that.

Regarding the auto reboot router thing, if you use a local schedule, you can set an on and off time that will be run locally, so even if the WiFi goes down the plug will still execute the schedule.