Wyze Plug to Reset Router

Wyze users-

Received my Wyze plugs and have a question about scheduling.

I want to use the Wyze Plug to reset my Router every night at around midnight. I’ll set up a schedule to turn OFF the outlet at 12:01 am and turn it back ON at 12:05 am. (Resetting Router due to crappy DSL service from Frontier at this rural vacation home.)

However, the Wyze Plug will be turning off the WiFi Router it’s connected to - so I am asking if the Wyze Plug will maintain its programmed schedule even if it loses its WiFi connection (and turn the Router back on at 12:05am)?

The KMC Plug I’m using now does this, but all my other devices (cameras, sensors, bulbs) are Wyze and it’d be nice to use just one app.


Good question. Documentation I’ve found doesn’t specifically address that scenario, but since additional circuitry would be needed on the Plug to store & execute schedules, I’d bet that circuitry isn’t there, and you would need a connection to a Wyze server.

You could test it with a schedule set for a few minutes from now and enlighten us on whether it worked (hopes you will).

Beyond that, if you have a current Plug that works, I’d just continue with that. You shouldn’t need to load that app unless you want to change the schedule.


Have you thought of a regular mechanical timer?

I’ve been using them for about 40 years for “light control”.

Tested it out today - tried 4 times and all failed. Once it turns off and cuts power to the router, it loses its wifi connection and it doesn’t “know” to turn itself back on 5 minutes later.

Would be nice if the plug would “hold” its schedule on a memory chip internal to the plug. Each time you schedule the event, it’s sent to the device and stored until there’s a change to the scheduled event.

I’ll have to stick with my KMC plug for now. Thanks

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Mechanical (analog) timer doesn’t maintain the accurate time of day if there’s a power outage. Yes, we can use one with digital clock and battery back up. However, we have found most impede on the use of the adjacent outlets in a two gang box.

Thanks for the suggestion, tho.

I use this digital timer from Amazon. It has a battery backup and maintains the correct time. I have been using it for more than 2-years without a problem.

If you want to separately control two items this timer would work well.

I have a few diff wifi plugs, and none of them work for this - most of them out there need to be connected to the internet to get the signal to turn back on from a server. I am surprised the KMC plug accomplishes this. I was looking at the below to fix this for me…i would be able to reset it anytime via app, or schedule, or it is supposed to reset it by itself if it detects the network is down:


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Definitely agree with that idea. I thought there was already a Memory Chip in the Wyze Plug to store the schedule so it will work even without a connection to a WiFi Network or Internet. It would be great to just have the WiFi Network as a means to remotely control the Wyze Plug and set up a schedule. But after that, the Wyze Plug can then work on its own.

Sorry all. The Wyze Plugs do not have switching functionality when not connected to Internet. I have tried many times. Have to use another brand for that. My old one works. Once I set it it will switch back on without internet. Oh well.