Wyze plug on router

Put a wyze plug on router. Set to turn off and on around 1:15. Basically hard reboot it daily or once a week or whatever schedule you want.

I have a remote property that the router sometimes gets messed up. Have to call a farmer friend and he goes over there and unplugs it etc.

This will be easier.

Plus if my cameras are having problems I can remote reboot the router: note: the wyze plug is connected to my mobile hot spot, whereas my cameras are connected to the router (which connects to the mobile hotspot).

I maintain an internet connection to the wyze plug.

I had WEMO plugs before but they need an internet connection to read it’s on off schedule.

If wyze plugs internalize their schedules then they would turn back on. The wemo would not.

Is this a shared tip or a wishlist feature request?

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This is a tip

I don’t know if wyze plug programs it’s schedule on itself or needs to internet connection to read its schedule.

Wemo needs internet. So if the wemo is Wi-Fi tô The router and it shuts down, it loses its internet and doesn’t know to turn back on

So don’t do this unless you confirm that wyze self programs at the unit, or the wyze plug has a second Wi-Fi source (mine is direct connected to the mobile hotspot but all other devices connect to the router. )

You can test this of course by setting a schedule to turn off (pick a couple minutes into the future) and end one minute later.

If it comes back on, then the plug’s schedule is internal and independent of the internet once set.

I have Kasa Smart plugs (HS103 and HS105); they have the schedule ‘inside’ and will operate without continuous wifi. All the Kasa devices (plugs, switches, and bulbs) are that way.

I use a digital timer to reset my fios daily.


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