Using a Wyze plug to remotely reboot a slow modem

I would like to reboot my modem remotely if the internet speed reduces. It can go from 50mpbs to 7 or 8, which slows down camera images. If I am home, I simply unplug and re-plug my modem into my UPS, but I would like to be able to do that remotely, as necessary.

Seems you answered your own question?

The important part is that the remote switch be able to be remotely commanded to turn off AND then back on with ONE command. Once you remotely turn it off, you lose contact with the remote switch.

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You are not the first to bring this up. But likely you will discover the Wyze plug does not. You are looking for a plug that stores a schedule locally regardless of the Internet connection. Then, either on a daily, weekly or every hour, when you are ready, you would simply enable the schedule (even if it was 10 minutes in advance) to turn off then minute or so later, turn back on. That will do the trick for you.

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You didn’t ask, but I will share, 'cause it might help. I use Sonoff. buy on Amazon or the factory. Factory is a lot cheaper. Love their stuff. ( I use the RFR2. Its a DIY plug. You cut a cord or extension cord and put it in. I like the RF version (RFR2 and 3) because it lets me us a generic 433 MHz remote, as well as voice, app, schedules, scenes, routines and manually to turn them off. I like them better than their S31 and S40 wifi plugs. Their Wifi plugs work great and have the ability to locally store the schedule, so you can trigger that off and back on whenever you want. Example: If its 12:00 pm, and I want a restart, I could go into device settings and create a off schedule and an on schedule. I could have already set the time or do it now, for 12:10 and back on at 12: 02 or 12:15. Then use the slider button to enable it. Works.

Hint: Since you mentioned you need to do this occasionally, you could setup a schedule that does it automatically early before daylight, so its done before you arise. Could do it daily or every other. I have 8 Wyze cams get power from one DIY plug. Same time every day, turns off power at 3:00 am and back on at 3:15. Gives the cameras a brief cool down. I seldom have a need during the day to restart my Wyze cams. But all powered from one, gives me hints if one is misbehaving are their others. Works for me.

By the way, They also sell a device called the Micro. Its a USB on/off switch. I’ve never seen anything like by any other manufacturer. Its USB male and female on the top. You plug it into something like a Wyze adapter. Then you can turn the device on and off. You can schedule on and off and it even has a timer. Its about $6 at the factory. Its about the size of a thimble, for those folks that remember what a thimble is. I think Amazon as them for about $12 or so. And they just released a Zigbee version, but it cost about twice as much. It even has a feature for when the power source loses power, what its re-power state is i.e., On, Off or Last State. (This is normal for all their on/off plugs too.) This is a niche device. Many people likely need it and don’t even know it exists. Love it.

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