Modem reboot

Can I connect my modem to a Wyze plug and reboot it remotely by turning it off & on ? Or once it is shut off will I not be able to turn on because internet is not available ? Thanks.

As you suspected, there would be no way for the plug to receive the “On” command if the router is off.

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Thanks for the confirmation. Appreciate it.

Check to see if your router has an option to reboot on a schedule.

will do thx

I hate to say it but a cheap mechanical timer might be your best option if you want to do a routine reboot.

We have satellite internet and spend winters in warmer climes. Not often the internet goes down but when it does the modem sometimes needs to be unplugged and plugged in .
Looking for a simple solution for this.

In that case I agree with @tomp, a mechanical timer that turns off/on once a day might be your best bet. At least you know if you drop your connection it’s probably going to come back at the set time.

Thanks for the feedback. I’m trying to find a quicker response for a reboot. I sling Jets games to our house down south during the winter and hate to miss one. But that way I would only miss the rest of that game. : )

I ordered one of these for a similar issue I was having. :slight_smile:

Thank you. I will for sure look into this

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