WYZE PLUG - Schedule turn-OFF then ON after 1 minute

I would like to schedule WYZE PLUG to turn OFF and then ON after one minute.

Purpose is for a nightly reset of my router and wi-fi mesh. Consider that PLUG would be connected under this WiFi.

Can this be done? how?

Can’t a small instruction be included in the plug to “restart” with say… a 1 minute break? IDEA???

It is my understanding that PLUGs will not work if they can’t access the network… that is, if turned off, then they can’t be turned on again (they do not get the signal).


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I was thinking about same thing. I had an issue with my Linksys acting one day and had no connections at all. As soon as I did power cycle to my router it starts connecting all of my devices. I thought it would be good idea to controlling a router power cycled with my own decision instead of scheduling.

Since my ISP ATT fiber won’t allow me to use own router, so I had to connect my old router behind of ATT supplied fiber modem + wifi combo that connection method called IP passthrough will give me a ability to use my wifi.

My current home wifi setup is turned off wifi from ATT router and use my own wifi to connect to my all devices. So my idea is to turn back ATT wifi ON and connect one of smart plug using ATT wifi. So I can control my plug through ATT. ATT router have ability to restart by ATT smart app. Unfortunately Linksys has no ability to restart device without connecting internet. Basically this method requires 2 different wifi at home to do power cycle my Linksys router.

Sure, what this means is that you can rely on ATT router WiFi always on to handle these “gadgets” outside of your linksys control. The issue, however, is not resolved because in the end you can’t tell your wyze plug to restart the ATT one at will or at schedule.

I use cascaded routers as an extra level of security but have nothing connected to my ISP’s router, except one TV. WiFi disabled.

If the plug had a schedulable command called “restart power”, that would suffice. The plug would still have power to continue with whatever task needs to complete. it just cuts feeding power to devices connected to it.

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I don’t have any of the Wyze plugs, but with the smart plugs I do have (TP-Link and Etekcity), the timers set in the app are stored on device, and do not depend on an internet connection to work.

The only smart plugs I’ve seen that I know depend on the internet for their timers to function are the Amazon ones (as they use only Alexa routines).