Is it possible to have a "persistent schedule" for a Wyze Plug?

Hello there !

Total newbie regarding all these smart things so please bear with my lack of knowledge.

I feel like what I want to accomplish is super simple and expected, but I can’t seem to find a way to do it.

What I want : turn on the fish tank lights at 11:00 AM and turn off at 7:00 PM

Problem : If I use a regular schedule, the triggers are only at 11 AM and 7 PM, nothing in between. So if, for example, there is an internet outage at 10:59 AM and it is restored at 11:01 AM, the light will not turn on because the trigger event has passed and nothing was able to tell the plug. Right ? The opposite problem could also happen at night after a power outage, the light will be ON until 7 PM the next day.

How can I make it persistent between 11 AM - 7 PM to be ON, and OFF during the rest of the day/night ?

I have the Wyze app and Alexa if that can help.

Thanks !

Welcome to the Wyze User Community Forum @vizi0n! :raising_hand_man:

You are correct in your assessment of a Schedule Rule if the internet fails at the trigger time.

Assuming you have a 2021 or 2022 version plug, there is a solution.

Rather than use a Rule Schedule which does require the internet, use the Plug’s native Schedule program which is saved locally on the plug and will work without internet so long as there is power to the plug. You will find that in the Plug’s settings menu:

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Unfortunately it is the older model :frowning:

The local schedule wouldn’t work either if there was a power outage at the time of the scheduled event. Either way, no power, no trigger and the plug stays in the on or off state until the next scheduled event.

Oof! :man_facepalming: The pre-2021 model, the one that doesn’t have the CFH Key on the back, doesn’t have onboard scheduling.

Unfortunately, that model is totally dependant on the internet for its scheduling thru both Wyze Rules and Alexa Routines.

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Covered that.

I use both Plug 2021 and older plugs for tank lights with schedules. I also created an additional failsafe rule to turn all tank lights off 1 hour past scheduled off. If lights are already off when failsafe executes, no harm done. If outage lasts longer than an hour past scheduled off, little fishies get to play all night. :grin:

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Yea I think I might have to add rules every 30 minutes to turn it on, just in case, and every 30 minutes to turn it off. I think that this is the most failsafe possibility. I’ll keep digging, my friend told me that I could setup a home assistant docker in my Unraid system and script stuff in there. I’ll have a look at that too


Unfortunately Wyze plugs don’t work with Home Assistant virtual machine. My friend lended me some TP Link HS103 and I was able to make it work as I wanted with Home Assistant. Oh well, farewell Wyze :frowning: Thanks for your input guys !

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