Smart Plug - Automation requires Internet?

I’m planning on buying a few smart plugs to automate some lights around here.

I’m told that I can set up a schedule when the smart plug will turn on and off. However I’m also told that none of that works if there is no Internet access, meaning the on/off schedule is not stored in the device but runs on some external server.

Is that true? That would not be good if so. I need to program a schedule into the device and have it work whether Internet is up or not. If the Wyze smart plugs won’t do this, can anyone suggest another manufacturer of plugs that will?

No not true on all plugs. While I can’t detest for all that can’t, I do know the one I use can. I use the Sonoff S31. It works based on the schedule you setup and stores those settings locally. So, it works whenever and no matter. I also like them, because they have a Power State when losing power. You can set them for On, Off or Last State. Meaning whatever it was doing/set for when power was lost, when power is restored, they return to that state. Sonoff also makes a S40, but I don’t know if it does the same. The S40 is a more recent design, so likely has the same features.

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The Wyze Smart Plugs 2021 and 2022 CFH versions have on board scheduling. The schedule is saved on and executed from the plugs. Once set (which does require App-internet-server-plug connection), the schedule will operate without being on WiFi or Internet.

If you schedule by a Rule, those are server and internet required.


Thanks, @Sam_Bam and @SlabSlayer. I’ve ordered a 4-pack of Kasa smart plugs from Amazon and will pick up a couple of Wyze plugs at Home Depot today. We’ll see which ones work better.

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Make sure the Wyze Plugs have the black key symbol on the back.