Issue with Wyze Plug connected to the Internet

The problem with Wyze Plug is that they need to be connected to the Internet in order for the automation to work, instead of connecting to the home router. Sometimes the result is in this timelapse video - the aquarium light wasn’t turned off automatically as scheduled in 11 PM until I got up around 5 in the morning to turn off manually through the app after turning on the phone (I turn off my phone every night before going to bed).

I believe the command to turn plugs on/off comes from your Wyze account not from your phone. This would require the plugs to have an Internet connection. I mnay be wrong.
Turning you phone off shouldn’t have any impact on this.
Is your router always connected to the Internet?

I’ve had similar problems with the Wyze plugs-- if they lose connection to the internet (or phone— whatever is controlling them), even temporarily, schedules and automation fail to run, which is nuts.

There is also no sanity-checking so missed automation-events also don’t get noted or corrected.

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Yes, I know that the command is not from my phone. What I meant is that scheduling to turn on/off the plug is supposed to store in the plug itself, not my Wyze account from the Internet. Unless it’s a IFTTT command.

It does not do any scheduling in the plug. I put in a support ticket a while back and they said it was all cloud-based, so if cloud goes away, the plug keeps doing whatever it was doing.

I noticed even in intermittent-connectivity situations the schedule frequently failed as well.

The support agent thought it was a “great idea” to do scheduling in the plug itself but nothing so far.

Yet another beneficial value for hackers to hack into our accounts.

Seems like a lot of work to turn your light off. :slight_smile:

:slightly_smiling_face: If only it has similar feature as this one, not relying on the cloud.