Will Wyze Smart Plug work if LAN is up but there is no Internet?

I have looked at multiple answers to this question and they all seem to say no because the Wyze app needs Internet access. By work, I mean controlled by Alexa - not the mechanical button on the side. If I don’t care about the Wyze app after setup, and am just using Alexa with my local network functional - does the plug still work? I also don’t care about access from outside my home. In fact, I would like to know if I can disable that feature in the plug?


The answer is still no.

More so, NOTHING to do with Alexa will work without Internet either.

Edit: has nothing to do with any apps - it’s just the plug and Alexa itself that need always on Internet. You can delete the app any time after installing the Wyze Alexa skill

Thanks for your response. I need to rephrase my question a little based on your response. I understand that Alexa needs the Internet to accept commands. So if the Wyze plug has been set up, and I don’t use any time of day on/off features in the Wyze app, and I remove the app, and the plug is solely controlled by the Alexa app - is the Wyze plug still going out to the Internet for anything - or is it just controlled by Alexa over the LAN? The reason for this is question is I am ok with Amazon Alexa security, but have no experience with Wyze. Also, I don’t care to ever control the plug from outside my home via the Internet.

Alexa uses the Wyze servers to control the plug. No internet no control of the plugs.


As @WildBill said, Internet is required. The plugs talk to Internet servers and ONLY to Internet servers. There is no LAN level connectivity, unfortunately. Lots of people have requested it, particularly after the recent repeated Amazon outages.

FYI this applies to everything Amazon controls. The commands are always coming down from Alexa related Internet servers to your Alexa controlled devices. There is no other way it could be done really, since the Alexa app doesn’t do anything except talk to those same servers.

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I will probably tilt back to using Wemo switches as I can local control them with local 3rd party apps as well. I have found the Wyze switches to be very intermittent to being online and if you have a router reboot a roll of the dice whether they reconnect, Outdoor plug also seems to have mediocre Wifi performance.

Thanks to you and @WildBill for addressing the issue. The Wyze plug seemed like a good choice for my purposes (I like their contact switches they offer), I got started with these questions because of a thread regarding Kasa brand plugs. In that thread the author claimed the Kasa switches would work without the Internet. But as you say if Alexa won’t control them without the Internet - then he could not be right.

I can personally confirm Kasa plugs and switches work without internet as I have several. They work with the Kasa app and, at least some of them, using various scripts written in python code and other languages. The scripts send commands directly to the plugs.

Thanks for the confirmation. I should tell you that what I was trying to do was to use the Wyze off the shelf contact switches to trigger a light on in a dark corridor, when a door is opened. I need it to go on even if the Internet is out. I could use a PIR motion switch but thought it would be more educational to do it this way. Any pointers to sites that discuss using scripts to control the Kasa plugs? I am fluent in C/C++, and dabble in Python.

As @WildBill indicated, it is right, because the Kasa app – NOT the Alexa app – will maintain a direct connection to the local address of the device across local WiFi, from phone to plug. So Alexa no, native app yes.

At this writing the Wyze app does not have any such local modes. This may change.

One such script which works for Domoticz:

Another option is YoLink/YoSmart sensors and switches which work without internet.

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I’ve got these plugs on two different routers & ISPs at one location and on another ISP at another location. Half the time the plugs go offline and power cycle will bring them back. The other time I get rapid flash setup where they have blown their Wifi config. on plugs and on outdoor

I have read a lot of similar issues with the Wyze plugs on various boards. Makes me think the Kasa plugs may be the more reliable option. I have many Amazon smart plugs that don’t have any problems and they always come back up after router or Internet issues. I was looking at Wyze because of the lower cost and the contact switch device. Kasa’s are about the same price as Wyze.