What types of Wyze Rules work for Wyze Plugs?

I assume there must be some types of Wyze Rules that are working correctly with Wyze Plugs, or else I would see more issues listed on this forum. If anyone has insight as to what they find is working properly and what is not, I’d be interested in hearing about it.

My latest issue is that I created a rule to turn on a light a couple mins after sunset. It never went off last night. However, this morning I found it had turned on at sunrise. I rechecked the Rule and it is definitely configured for Sunset (and configured for my location). Log ID 1077334

My other issue has been with the “Has been on for” trigger not working for values over 2 hours. I haven’t tried many other Rules yet, but it’s disappointing that two of three thing I’ve tried have had issues. Other than manually turning them off/on, the only other reliable thing I’ve found is that the Schedule (with fixed on/off times) seems to work.

It would be helpful if you could post screenshots of the rules that are failing. What does the rule history show?

I have 13 Wyze plugs active. 9 are 2021 and 4 are 2022. All of them are set to trigger on by various rules triggers from the HMS, Thermostat, Cam Person Detection, Alexa Routines, and Sense V2 Motion Detectors, Contact Sensors, Leak Sensors, and Climate Sensors. I have never had any issues with the rules triggers activating the plugs. I also have some that are turned off by a second rule from the same trigger devices as well as “Has Been On For”. Again, no issues with them being turned off. But, none of mine are going beyond a 5 minute limit before turning off.

I do not use schedules, either by Rules or by the onboard Plug Schedule. However, I have tested schedules and helped users with schedule issues. From what I have learned, If the Rules Schedules are conflicting with the Onboard Schedules, all sorts of crazy happens. Insure this isn’t the case. When creating a Schedule Rule, there have been issues when the Start time is in a calendar day prior to the end time. For whatever reason, the schedule did not take well to bridging calendar days. So, if the schedule turned it on at 9pm (start) and off at 9am (end) the next day, it wouldn’t work. However, if the schedule turned it off at 9am (start) and on at 9pm (end) in the same day, it worked fine. Try to keep rules as simple as possible by keeping the start before the end in the same calendar day

The only rule I have for a plug is to turn off one plug at 2230 during the week or 2330 on the weekend. Works perfectly. The plug controls power to a video monitor used for some security cameras.

Here’s the Rule to turn on a light around sunset. (Yesterday it was set a couple mins after sunset, and I’ve updated it to now turn on before sunset.)

WildBill, Looking at the Rule History, there was only one event recorded yesterday. When it failed to turn on the light, I manually turned the light on (around 9pm?) and then set the off time to 9:35pm to see if it would turn off. It did successfully turn off and log the off event in Rule History.

SlabSlayer, I assume you’re saying you don’t use Wyze Rules, and that you use a 3rd party system to control your Wyze plugs; e.g. Home Assistant.

Also, I’m glad you mentioned the conflict between Rules Schedules and Device Settings Schedules. I found that this device did have a Settings Schedule active for sunrise (with no end time). That explains why it was on this morning. (Was this suppose to log somewhere?) I have now disabled that Schedule and I’ll see if the Rule Schedule works tonight at sunset. Thanks!

You have nothing set to DO when the trigger happens.

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On the contrary. I have nearly 100 active Wyze Rules and have extensive experience in programming them. I don’t use “Schedule” Rules or onboard Plug schedules. All my rules are Trigger\Action or Shortcut based.

I use a combination of Wyze Rules, Alexa Routines, and IFTTT Applets paired with a device based macro execution App.

Nope. Onboard Schedule actions have no log. The closest you can get is the daily runtime history.

K6CCC, Sorry, the screenshot didn’t capture the lower half:

That looks better!

Good news. After disabling the Device Settings Schedule, the Rules Schedule worked; i.e. it turned on my light before sunset, as desired.

Makes you wonder why they have two ways to schedule. i.e. user errors, two sets of code to maintain and test, etc. You’d think it would be easy to do a one time conversion of all the Device Settings Schedules to Rule Schedules; and then the Device Settings Schedule link would simply open the Rules Schedule dialog.

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Because plug device schedules are saved and executed locally on the plug. They will work once programmed even in the absence of internet connectivity. Rules however, gives you the added flexibility of automations on multiple devices from a server executed rule with greater action options.

SlabSlayer, Good to know. I’m ready to read SlabSlayer’s Wyze FAQs … let me know when you publish. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Slab Slayer helped me create a rule to turn on a heater and turn it it off after “x” minutes. I was trying (and failing) to do this with a shortcut rule:
A Shortcut Rule Button cannot accomplish that. Only a Trigger Rule can.
Do this…
click the plus + sign in the top right
Select “Device & Service Trigger”
Name the rule in the top entry field by clicking it and entering a rule name
Click Save
Click on the Trigger field
Select your plug
Select “Has been on for”
Set the duration time
Click save to return to the Edit Rules window
Click on Add Action
Select your plug
Click “Turn Off”
Click on Save

Do not set anything in the TIME area, this is only used to restrict the rule to operate during a specific time of day.

When it tells you that the trigger and action are on the same device, click proceed.

The rule has been saved.

Go back to the Home Page Device List and turn on the plug using the on\off circle next to the plug. Start timing the time. After the specified time, check to see if the plug turned off.