Plug Scheduling/Rules

I just received 2 plugs and am trying to set them up to to turn on lamps based upon sunset. For example, I’d like to turn them on at sunset and off at a specific time of night. OR, and more preferable, have them turn on a certain amount of time after sunset and off at a specific time.

I have looked through the rules and scheduling and all I can see are turn on and off at specific times.

I do not have Alexa or a sensor. I’m only using the plugs in lieu of timers.

Am I missing something?

Currently there is no native option in WYZE to do this, there is however a Wishlist thread for this that you can vote for, I have added the link below. There may be a way to do this utilizing Alexa or IFTTT if you would like to try that route.

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Thank you. I’ll look into it.