Wyze Plugs Question

I had a question that is a pre-sales question. I have several Wemo plugs but they have been acting up a lot lately.

Do the Wyze plugs have the ability to be set up to turn On say 30 minutes before sunset?

Can you set up an option if you turn on a plug that goes Off automatically after a certain amount of time?

Thank you for your time

Sunrise/Sunset rules/schedules were part of the “new rules engine” which was being rolled out to users in a phased/staged approach. If it hasn’t been rolled out to your account yet, it will shortly. So the answer to this question is, yes. I have numerous sunrise/sunset schedules and all have performed accurately and without fail for months. You’ll need to turn on location access from your phone/tablet or manually set location in order to obtain daily sunrise/sunset times. Here’s an example setting up a sunrise/sunset-based rule/schedule for a Wyze Plug and color bulb:

I don’t understand this question. Please rephrase.

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Many devices can do this, including Plugs:

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Thanks for the reply and information.

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Ok, thanks for the snapshot. Needs to replace these Wemo units they are all malfunctioning. Not responding to commands lately.

This is the rule I have on my Wemo so seems similar to Wyze.
After turn on for 30 minutes, turn off. I mainly use this for a heater so i don’t forget to turn off at night.

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