Outdoor plug - schedules

The “schedules” for the outdoor plug need enhancement. It has “on at sunset”, which is great so I don’t have to manually change as sunset changes. But, what I really want is “on at sunset plus 30 minutes”, my other Wi-Fi enabled timers have that, please add

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This feature has been requested previously and is already listed on the Wyze #wishlist. Follow the link below, vote for the requested feature at the top, drop some like :heart: hearts around on some posts, and add your own reply at the bottom if you want.

As an alternative, if you really needed the ability to turn on\off the plug before or after sunset, you could use a Wyze Schedule Rule to do that rather than use a local plug schedule.

These are executed from the server rather than on the local device, so they do require connectivity with the internet. But, they do have the ability to adjust before\after sunrise\sunset.

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