Wyze Smart Plugs and Smart Switches

I am very happy with the capability to set Wyze Smart Bulbs to turn ON AFTER sunset and OFF BEFORE sunrise. Would love to have this capability with Smart Plugs and Smart Switches as well. Has anyone found a way to do this ?

You can create a Rule/Schedule to turn plugs on after sunset and off before sunrise.

We have wishlist items asking for local ±sunset/sunrise schedules for Plug 2021 (CFH) and switches.


Seapup, Thanks for your reply but I do not see a way to create a rule to turn pluge or switches ON after sunset or OFF before sunrise as you can easily do with Smart Bulbs. Please inform me. Thanks, tlhutch4

Just set on/off time to whatever you want.


To be more clear I want to turn on a switch a certain number of minutes after sunset and off a certain number of minutes befor sunrise. Again like you can do with Wyze Smart Bulbs.

The example above covers plugs.

What is connected to your Switch that you wish to control?

Seapup, you’re post showing where to set up the rule was just the ticket. I’ve used rules before but wasn’t aware I could use that feature for scheduling plugs and switches. Perfect. Thanks tlhutch 4


The plugs and switches I was trying to set sunrise and sunset specific rules for were connected to lamps and outdoor lights. Wyze smart bulbs were not applicable for these particular situations. Thanks again