Outdoor plug dawn dusk settings improvement

I use the App and set my Wyze Outdoor plug for lighting to turn on at dusk and off at dawn. However I don’t want to waste energy and have my outdoor lights on all night. In Seattle (depending on winter or summer) dusk can start anywhere from 5pm to 10pm so I like the auto sensor but would be nice to turn off at say 2am and then come back on 2hours before dawn. Anyway, can you link latitude settings to internet for dusk and dawn settings in my area and then have a rule to turn off at certain time in evening and then a rule to turn on 2 or 3 hours prior to dawn. Currently if I use the schedule adding times on at night I would need to keep adjusting the times in the App so lights don’t come on to early as long summer days go up. (Ditto for the dawn schedule too).


Can I ask you how you set up the outdoor plug to turn on at sunset and turn off at 11 PM. I am trying to do exactly that and I cannot determine the way to configure the plug/outlet using their criteria. Thank you.

I had the same problem, afdter about 5 months of trial and error I finally discovereed how to do it . I uninstalled the plug and reinstalled it this time I had found the sequence to use to keep it on all the time don’t select anything, to set a schedule select one of the plugs and go tho the selections until you find one that says sunrise, sunset, custom you then select sunset to have it come at dark once this set the time will very with the sunset time and you can select what time you want it to turn off say at 2AM. After I found this out I could have kicked myself for not finding it earlier but the old saying practice makes perfect worked for me


Have you tried changing the schedule? I setup a sunset to 11pm and then tried to change it to sunset to 1am on weekends but for some reason the outdoor plug doesn’t allow changing the schedule.

Any ideas?

PS; When you said “uninstall” did you factory reset the plug?


On the on install I meant remove device then install that way all information that was put in is removed on trying to set up different times for cycling there is a selection that says schedule one or two or maybe more that is where you can select your custom or select times

I get your problem. You CAN set the timer for up to 59 minutes before or after sunrise/sunset. You can also set to turn on/off any any HOUR, but you canNOT get it to turn on or off “x” HOURS before or after sun-rise/set.
I’d love the feature to turn on 30 minutes BEFORE sunset (can be done) and turn OFF 6 hours AFTER sunset (cannot be done at this time).

go to wyze home page select outdoor plug 1or 2 depending what one you wish to program. It can be set for any time you wish to set. If you select sunset that is when it will come on then you can select what time you wish it to turn off I had the same problem but trial and error is how I found how to set it you can also set it to be on 24Hrs a day or come on at sunset and go off at sunrise.Once you see how easy it is to set you will probably want to kick yourself.

I need it to stay on 6 hours after SUNSET.
This changes winter summer, but the 6 hours are always the same.
This cannot be programmed at this time.

You could try using 2 rules as a work around currently to acheive what you want to do.

  1. Set plug to turn on at sunset
  2. Set rule for when outdoor plug has been on for 6 hours to turn outdoor plug off.

Would this work in your situation?

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Hmm how do you do #2

Rule/Schedule to turn on:

Rule/Trigger to turn off:

Thank you, I figured it out with your help. But, now I have the following scenario. Friday I need it to go ON a half hour before sunset, and off 6 hours later. Setting it fine. But on Tuesday I need it ON at 4.00pm and OFF at 11.59 pm. Problem is, it goes OFF at 10.pm 2 hours early because of the 6 hour time limit setting.
Basically I can’t apply the 6 hour limit to a schedule, it is applied to the overall system.

Turn schedule off for Tuesday:

Make a 2nd schedule just for Tuesday:

Add a Time constraint to Trigger so timer doesn’t start on Tuesday: