Local Schedules - Provide ability to specify HOURS/minutes before/after sunrise/sunset

Would like to be able to set the Wyze Plug CFH and Plug Outdoor to turn on and off at a specified time after sunset. For example sunset plus 30 minutes on and the sunset plus 2 hours off. I have an outdoor plug from another manufacturer that has this feature but prefer to use all Wyze products so I am only on one app.

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I have the same request. If you have an amazon ECHO/ALEXA device, you can set up ROUTINES in the Alexa app to accomplish a sunset +xxmin activation. Just enable the WYZE skill and let your outdoor plug be discovered and it appears as a device that can be controlled via an ALEXA ROUTINE. I had the ALEXA ROUTINE up and running within 5 minutes. Works great. You have to set up a second routine to shut off the plug at sunset + 250min.

I would like that feature too. I am using the plug to control a chicken coop door, and I wish I can operate the door one hour BEFORE sunrise and two hours AFTER sunset.

Would also like the ability to adjust the sensitivity of the photo electric cell.

Can I ask you how you set up the outdoor plug to turn on at sunset and turn off at 11 PM. I am trying to do exactly that and I cannot determine the way to configure the plug/outlet using their criteria. Thank you.

I had the same problem and it took me 5 months tofigure it out after many trial and error. I finally removed the device form the list and reinstaalled it using new device. I wanted one plug to b e on all the time and one to come on at sunset and tturn off at a certain time. To do this after reinstalling the plug no selection means that both are on all the time. To have one set for time select either one or two than go to listing for that device and select the option that says time there you will see a selection of sunrise, sunset, or custom make your selection say for sunset to come on and then select 2AM for time off this is schedule one if you desire more options just keep selecting more schedules. It would be much easiere if wyze could make a video or something to show all the hidden options wowuld save people like you and me many frustating hours of trial andf error. hope this helps

I see this thread was created in February 2021, and now it’s nearly a year later and no one from Wyze has responded. I too would like the ability to set my outdoor plugs to come on at sunset + 30 minutes. I have Kasa plugs that can do this, but I’m puzzled why Wyze cannot incorporate this simple function. With all due respect (because I really do hold Wyze in high regard) could someone from Wyze please comment?

if you would check the answes you would see that the question has been answered at least 5 times if not more since I think from Aug of 2021 I personally answered with two replies on how to do it and all the other replies are almost the same lots of luck

Hi Bebop61, thanks for your comment. You state “the question has been answered at least 5 times if not more” but I’m puzzled. I think you are mistaken, but please correct me if any of the following statements are factually incorrect: There have been 8 posts total up until this one, the 9th post. No one has answered spsteiner232 who asked how to “turn on and off at a specific time after sunset.” piazzac suggested using Alexa (which doesn’t help me) liming also asked the same thing as spsteiner232, kbal asked about a different topic (photoelectric cell), epjanderson asked about how to turn on at sunset and off at 11pm (setting a custom time, which is easy to do and doesn’t address spsteiner232’s original question) Your reply in Sept.2021 answered epjanderson’s question about setting for custom time. So that’s what I’m seeing from all of these posts…and I’m not seeing the same answer five times. I want an answer to the original question posed by spsteiner232. I asked how to turn on the plug “at sunset + 30 minutes.” If it’s true that I missed seeing the answer five or more times, I apologize and would greatly appreciate your help in showing me how to set for “sunset + 30 minutes” Thanks.

Welcome edm. This forum is primarily a user-to-user community. Wyze employees do not actively monitor this forum.

spsteiner232 hasn’t asked a question. spsteiner232 submitted a Wishlist request for change. Ref: How to Use the Wishlist

It appears that Wyze has partially implemented this Wishlist request. Custom time, Sunset and Sunrise have been added, but Sunset/Sunrise delta is limited to only minutes vs hours & minutes.

You need to create a Rule/Schedule. Make sure your Wyze app and Wyze Plug Outdoor firmware are both up to date. From the Wyze app Home page: Add (“+” icon in upper left) > Add Rule > Schedule > Give your rule a name if you wish > Start Time > Sunset > set your location > Save > select 30 min > select After > Save > specify an End Time > select day icons (default is everyday) > Add Action > Select your desired Plug Outdoor Socket (or group) > Turn On > Save > Save (at bottom of page).

Note that if you create and enable this Rule between your specified Start and End times, you’ll have to wait a day for it to take effect.

To edit your Rule/Schedule: Wyze app Home > Edit (pencil icon in upper right) > Edit Rules > select your Rule

Let us know if you have additional questions.


Hi Seapup, thank you for your help and for advising me about this forum. I’ll let you know if I encounter any problems. Greatly appreciated!

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No problem… glad to help. :+1:

Wyze plug outdoor sunset delay

It would be nice to have the option to add a delay with the sunrise/sunset in schedule. Ex.: Turn off 30 min after sunset.

Please see post #10 above for a workaround.


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Yes, this would be very nice.

It was added to rules:

But still not available in local schedules.


Extend time before sunset to more than an hour

I live in the mountains and it gets dark early. I’d like the Wyze Plug to turn on my lamp 2 hours before sunset. The App only allows a setting of up to 59 minutes. Please extend that range in future upgrades.

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More Wyze Plug Local Schedule (formerly Time of Day) Options

Wyze Plug “time of day” local schedule options currently include turning the plug off or on at a specific time, exactly at sunrise, or exactly at sunset. I would love to have the option to turn the plug off or on a certain amount of time (minutes or hours) before or after sunrise or sunset. I would also like to be able to randomize the turn off/on events by 30 minutes or so to keep it looking like someone is home and lights aren’t just turning on at the exact same time each day.

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Time offsets for sunrise/sunset on schedules

The sunrise/sunset options are great, but it would be nice to be able to schedule a time that is offset from one of those two events. For example, schedule sunset + :15 minutes to turn on outdoor lights as the ambient light (civil twilight) can last for another 30+ mins depending on where you live.

So the ask is allow to schedule for sunrise/sunset with the addition of a +/- offset in 1 minute increments.


Most definitely a yes to this. Two things to go with this are expanding the +/- beyond the current 60 minutes in rules and uniformly allowing a scheduled event instead of having to create a rule.