Indoor & Outdoor Plug Time of Day Schedules

The AWS outage prompted me to setup internal schedules in my Wyze Plugs and Wyze Outdoor Plugs so they aren’t reliant on Rules anymore in case there’s an outage of any sort.

When using Rules, you can select Sunrise or Sunset and customize how many minutes before or after sunrise/sunset you would like the plugs to turn on/off.

When setting an internal schedule within the settings of these devices individually, you can select Sunrise or Sunset but there’s no option to customize minutes before or after.

I have a few Leviton smart plugs and they have this functionality. Is this something that was just overlooked or are there plans to add it in the future? I would like these plugs to be “set it and forget it” and the sunrise/sunset options almost do that for me but I need the lights I have plugged into these devices on a little earlier than sunset and off a little later than sunrise so I have to keep changing the on/off times as the time of sunset/sunrise is continually changing.

I would also like to see +/- X time before/after sunrise/sunset.

For the Outdoor plug, it would make sense to just combine both ‘times of day’ and ‘brightness’ into just ‘local schedules’. Allow us to select a brightness as a ‘time’. It would allow turning on at dark, but only run a few hours, etc.

One other thing I noticed, the local schedules on the outdoor plug went out of whack by 1 hour during the last change to standard time from DST. It actually changed the scheduled time by one hour which was weird. Cloud rules were fine. There is also no sync time on the plugs (like the cameras), or a way to tell what time they think they are in.

All good points! The outdoor plugs must get the time from the app because when you put in sunrise/sunset, it knows what time the sunrise/sunset occurs in your area.

I am willing to bet the outdoor cams have the sync feature for using travel mode without a connection to the base or network.

I don’t have the DST issue you are describing.

I forgot that you can run the cameras stand-alone so that makes sense. The DST issue happened during the transition, but schedules set now are fine, won’t know until next time.

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