Sunrise & Sunset timer functionality

what is the status of sunrise & sunset trigger for action (lights, outlets etc.) it seems that any function that is not complete when I buy your product never gets completed. Can I ever trust that you will keep your products current!?!!

So not sure what you are needing here. But you can set a Scheduled Rule which will trigger based on Sunset and Sunrise. Then in the Action Section you will be able to turn on certain lights or a group of lights.

Is that what you were asking?

Yes but it does not work. Rule for time on and off works fine but rule for time on (lets say 5:30 am) then turn off at sunrise or turn on 30 minutes before sunset and turn off at 11:30 pm.
Once or twice (randomly it worked). Very disappointing I was a fan of Wyze and recommended them to friends.

Look at the rules history and see if it shows that your rule is at least attempting.
I don’t normally use the sunset & sunrise based rules, but I just created on to to on a plug at sunset. That plug has a turn off at 2230 that works reliably. We’ll see what the sunset turn on does…


Actually I am not experiencing that issue at all. I will setup a dedicated test rule to see if it still works for me. Give me a few days to review.

Can you also post the following:

  • Your Rule so we can take a look
  • Wyze App Version being used



I looked at rules history and it actually shows that it was successful, but it wasn’t! Time works but sunrise and sunset most often does not.
App v2.39.0
current rules that do work:
7:00pm-11:17pm everyday
5:30am-7:30 am everyday
previous rules that did not work:
29 min before sunset-11:30pm
Living room lamp Turn on 5:34 pm succeeded
33 min before sunrise -32 minutes
Living room lamp turn off 7:07 am succeeded

Could you send a screenshot of your rule

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Was going to ask for that as well. :slight_smile:

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Just did my first test, on at a certain time and off at Sunset. Worked as expected.

Please post a screenshot so that we can create a similar rule and test as well

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As I mentioned earlier, I created a rule to turn on a Wyze Plug at Sunset. That plug has a video monitor for my security cameras. Normally I turn it on manually, and there is a time based rule that turns it off in case I don’t when I go to bed. The rules history said it turned on at sunset and when I came back to this room, the monitor was on.
So, it worked…

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Yep, that is what I am experiencing as well.

@hturko , can you provide the screen shots?