Wyze plug v1 schedule

I have 2 schedules for a v1 plug which run Monday to Friday and Saturday/Sunday. However the schedule is running Tuesday to Saturday and Sunday/Monday. I’ve tried deleting the schedule and recreating them but the same think happens. In my Rules history Saturday is listed with fridays end time. Any idea how to fix this? Thx

I’m guessing I should create a separate Friday with a 7:30 am end time for Saturday morning and a separate Sunday with an end time of 7:30 for Monday morning.

I dealt with this problem in the past with another user.

When the rules bridge on and off over two calendar days, something gets fouled up in the execution since it is trying to execute both the start and the end in the same calendar day.

Rather than using the rules to turn the plug ON one night, and then the opposite OFF at the end the next morning, rewrite the rule to turn the plug OFF in the morning so the opposite ON command happens in the same calendar day at the end time in the evening.

Basically reverse the start and end time and change the action to OFF.

That just messed with my brain. Took a while but I understand. I’ll give it a try. Thanks.

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Sorry. Have to think about it bass ackwards to constrain all schedule actions (off then on) in the same calendar day.

So like this right?

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Yep. Give that a run and see how it works.

It won’t run the opposite ON command tonight since there was never a start on that rule this morning turning it off, so turn them on manually tonight. But, it should turn them off in the morning and back on tomorrow night.

Worked like a charm since the first day. Thanks for the help.

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You’re welcome! Seems like a logic bug that doesn’t allow a schedule to start and end in different days.

Either that or they need a disclaimer on the schedule programming page “Start & End Time must be within the same Calendar Day”.