Local schedule in Wyze Plug off by 1 day

I have a Wyze Plug (indoor), and originally used a rule to turn on the plug at 9am and off at 9pm, on Saturday and Sunday (basically on during the day on Saturday and Sunday).

But then on the device settings I found that the hint for the “Schedule” item says “Once created, local schedules will run with internet”.

That sounds like a better option, so I deleted the rules and switched to using a local schedule.

It is clearly set for Saturday and Sunday, from 9am to 9pm, but instead, the schedule runs on Sunday and Monday instead.

I have not tried changing anything yet - I’m not sure what to try.

Am I missing something?


I am sorry this is happening, I have sent this up to the team to see if they have any ideas.

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Thanks Jason.

This issue is not critical for this plug (it is used to turn on/off an interior lamp on the weekends), but it is baffling, and I want to use more Wyze plugs where the proper day of the week will be more important.

I am going to change it to Friday and Sunday, to see if I just need to change the schedule to “reset” it.

Here is a screen shot of the schedule for this plug. The times work exactly, so my location must be correct (at least to the proper time zone), but it runs on Sunday and Monday, instead of Saturday and Sunday.

I can provide log files, if there is such a thing for local schedules.


I will let you know if they ask for them. I also run schedules locally for things like modem and router resets and am now curious if they are going off at the right time/days.


I had a schedule on a Switch change to a different time of day. Couldn’t tell if it changed days, as it was supposed to trigger every day. Anyway, I re-saved the schedule, and it got back on track. Give that a try.

Good suggestion.

I have changed the schedule to be Thursday and Sunday, so in a few hours I’ll be able to see if it knows that today is Thursday.

I do have a local schedule on an outdoor plug, but it is set for every day. The times are right on, but since it is every day, I can’t tell if the day of week part is working.

If it continues to be off by a day and I can’t figure it out, I can always mentally compensate when I set the days of the week.

But its still weird.

Lets see what happens today.

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Well it is Thursday past 9am for me, and the local schedule for Thursday that I set up last night, did not happen today.

I am going to delete this schedule, and create another for Friday to see what happens.

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It didn’t work. Deleting the local schedule, and creating a local schedule to run today (Friday), did not work.

All my plugs are on the current firmware, so I’ll try a different Wyze indoor plug to see if this one plug has an issue.

Can you submit a log from that plug and give me the log number so I can get it to the team?

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I just submitted log id 710680.


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Since starting this thread, I have created a support ticket for this issue.

I received a response from a support agent, asking me to try a few things, and to provide additional info:

Make sure your Wyze app firmware is up to date.
Navigate to the Account tab > tap About.
The app version will be listed beneath the Wyze Logo.
You can compare your app version to the most up to date version listed on our Release Notes and Firmware Page.
Ensure your device (cam, plug, bulb, etc.) firmware is up to date.
Navigate to the Account tab > tap Firmware Update.
If there is an update available, please update your Wyze device.
Force close your Wyze app.
Delete the schedule and recreate it.

I had already done all of these, but did them again, and I confirmed that the app and plugs are on the most recent firmware and app version.

I was also asked:

If these steps do not resolve the issue, please send us an app log. We’ll also need to know the exact rule that isn’t working correctly, and which Wyze device is affected.

I clarified that I am not use any rules, but using the local “Schedules” option for the plug, and I uploaded the device log again.

But it has been a week, without an acknowledgment of the information that I provided as requested by support.

In addition, since that time, I have set up 4 more brand new wyze smart plugs, and set each smart plug to turn on at 7pm and off at 8pm, with each plug set to a different day of the week, from Tuesday to Friday.

Just like the first plug, all 4 of these other plugs also exhibit the same schedule issue: They all turn on and turn off at the correct time, but each plug runs the day after it is supposed to, so every plug with a local schedule is running 1 day later than the schedule is set for.

Earlier I used rules on the first plug instead of a local schedule to turn on and turn off on certain days, and the rules work fine, but I want to use local schedules which are not dependent on my internet going down or on wyze servers running, in case of internet or wyze outages (as we have experienced recently).

Can anyone else confirm whether they experience the same issue using local schedules on the wyze smart indoor plugs?

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You probably have not heard back because the logs go directly to the developers who rarely respond, but they do look into the issues. I will tag @WyzeDesmond here and see if he is able to look into this a little more for you.


I seem to be experiencing this as well on my plug. Will try to do some more testing to verify

Thank you! I will take a look.


Where does the plug pull it’s date and time setting from? The server? The Router? The App (phone)?

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If you are doing local schedule that info should be stored on the plug itself. I have initialed some test on my end to see if I can repro the same thing here. Will keep you all posted.

Thank you so much!


Just perform a test on my end. Two plugs work fine with local schedule (set to turn on today 6PM and turn off 7PM). Any chance you could submit log for each of your issued plug. I will pass them all to dev team. Thanks!

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Im trying to repro it rn and will send in a log :slight_smile:

If the time is stored on the plug itself, it has to first gain a time reference when installed within the time zone it is installed in. How does it then deal with daylight savings time changes? If the router and devices are then moved to a new time zone, is it doomed to be hours off until reinstalled? There has to be a time correction factor built in that adjusts the time from some source outside the plug.

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Yea, I would imagine every time it calls home it would ask for the current time and date

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