Daylight savings time/Standard time problem - Wyze plug

Wyze plug schedule didn’t change back to standard time. Lights not staying on until the hour I set.

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This seems to be a widespread bug. I experienced this, and a few others in the Wyze discord did as well.

You can fix this by going into the local scheduled for the plug and changing the time back to what it should be. It’s strange that the actual time on the schedule is displayed incorrectly in the app, but that seems to be what’s happening.

I will tag @WyzeDesmond here to see if they want to take a look


Wyze plugs do not recognize DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME. Di have to reset all the plugs?

I have been having the same problem for the last 2 years I’ve been using them. I don’t understand why, I’ve tried resetting the schedule and it doesn’t work.

FYI - this is still occurring in March of 2024. The time moved forward (DST began), and all the hour settings in the schedules for my Wyze Plug didn’t stay the same, which they should have - they were all incremented by one hour.

An event with a 4pm trigger actually changed to 5pm. The schedule should not change. It’s the time in the external world that changes. The schedule is the schedule.

I understand development time and priorities and setbacks… but for a simple recurring event that happens twice a year and everyone knows when it will happen very far in advance, it is hard to understand why this continues to be an issue. Put it in the next agile sprint maybe?

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Might not be in the cost to do much. As far as I can see they don’t do much in any given firmware and last 2 years have been minimal.

You shouldn’t really expect it. Even then, it would probably be years if they did, with the little they do.

Yea, done with all Wyze products. Moving to our new home next month…not taking any Wyze products. I had the cameras and door lock.

Are you scheduling locally:

or via the Rules engine?

Devices I have Scheduled through the Rules engine adjusted correctly, fwiw.

I do not use Rules.

Regardless of how a schedule is created and what engine runs it, a schedule’s user-set time should not be altered except by the user.

If a schedule is set to run at 4pm, then it doesn’t matter if there’s an Internet connection, whether the time on my phone changes, or anything else. Nothing other than the user’s direct input should change a set time within a user-created schedule. If the time on the plug is set via phone sync and my phone time changes resulting in the event happening at the wrong time - that’s understood. However, the start time in the schedule should still be what I entered (4pm in this example), and not be changed to some other time for any reason.

I appreciate the info about items created via Rules not having this issue, and maybe I’ll check that out, but this remains admittedly minor (for me) yet annoying problem with the code.

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Well said Mayor_Wilson. And also, I had the issue with the Lock this morning. When they nanny arrived…her code wouldn’t work due to the the device having DST.