Wyze plugs don’t turn on at correct time

Wyze plugs dont turn on at the correct time that has been set. They seem to turn on 15-30 minutes late. Then they shut off close to the correct time. Anything I can do besides tossing in the trash?

I have two of the plugs and both do the same thing.

My is also doing the same

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Makes them unusable for me. Wish I could return them.

Mine don’t turn on and off at all I set the rule up and it says that it’s active but doesn’t do anything help

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Include me as well, scheduled for 05:00 PM but turned on at 05:23 PM today. It seems everyday it gets later.

One of mine still hasn’t turned on the other has turned on about 38 minutes late.

Terrible product.

Your not alone , plugs and bulbs

A word from Wyze, this is what you can do to help get it corrected

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